Who Killed Siobhan McGuinness?

Siobhan (pronounced "She-VON") McGuinness

   Five year old Siobhan McGuinness disappeared just blocks from her Missoula Montana home on the evening of February 5, 1974.  Siobhan's body was found the following day, near the Turah exit of I-90 about 11 miles east of Missoula. She had been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. 

   The Missoula Police Department has reopened the investigation of the Siobhan McGuinness homicide. New technology has revealed the killer's DNA profile - but the Missoula Police Department needs your help to find the murderer.

    If you have any recollection of events surrounding Siobhan's disappearance, detectives are asking you to come forward.  Call Dean Chrestenson in the Missoula Police Department at(406)552-6282 or call Crimestoppers at(406)721-4444.