The dead cannot cry out for justice;
 it is a duty of the living to do so for them.

Lois McMaster Bujold


About This Web Site

Allen Kimery was a well liked, honest, hard working deputy sheriff. He was killed in the line of duty on December 6, 1984 by Fred Daniel Van Dyken during a routine traffic stop that resulted from Van Dyken stealing eleven dollars worth of gasoline. I had known Deputy Kimery for about 5 years prior to his death. As a reserve deputy sheriff, I worked on Sgt. Kimery's shift frequently. I found Sgt. Kimery to be a no nonsense supervisor who looked after the deputies on his shift and expected them to strive to provide professionalism, fairness and compassion in their service to the citizens and visitors of Missoula County. 

Sergeant Kimery was a role model and mentor to other deputies. His loss struck a terrible blow to his family, the Sheriff's Office, all of it's officers and civilian employees, and to the Missoula community.

Fred Van Dyken Long Soldier is a murderer who shows no remorse for the crime that he committed.  Contrary to claims made on his website, he did receive a fair trial. The case has been reviewed by appellate courts, the Montana Supreme Court and was appealed twice to the United States Supreme court (for which certiorari was denied). 

Van Dyken's web site presents an inaccurate and incomplete description of both the incident and the ensuing trials, that might lead persons unfamiliar with the case to believe that he is not guilty of the crime he committed. This website will attempt to provide visitors with the true story of what happened December 6, 1984, and to show why Fred Van Dyken AKA Long Soldier is justly incarcerated. 

I urge you to read the articles and information here before you consider signing Van Dyken Long Soldier's petition or making any donation to his defense fund.

Please bear with me as I add additional information to the web site.


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