Help for the Truly Innocent

No one in the criminal justice system wants to see the innocent falsely convicted. Not the police, the prosecutors or those defending the accused. A false conviction not only harms the falsely convicted, but also steals justice from the crime victims. Undoubtedly there are a few instances in which the system fails and an innocent person is convicted. Our system of justice is not perfect.

There are many organizations who's purpose and goal is to assist truly innocent persons that have been falsely convicted.  Below some links some of these organizations:

       Centurion Ministries     (Requires that subject profess innocence.)

       The Innocence Project  (Requires that subject profess innocence.) 


Many of the cases that these organizations accept for assistance may turn out to be justly convicted (including some high profile cases1) while in some cases innocent people have been exonerated. 


Please don't confuse the purpose and goals of these organizations with the Van Dyken Long Soldier case.  Van Dyken Long Soldier admits that he shot and killed Deputy Kimery as the deputy walked up to his car.  Although he is now claiming self defense, there is no evidence or reasonable explanation to support his claim.


      Justice For All act of 2004  (Includes Innocence Protection Acct of 2004)



1For example the Roger Keith Coleman case which made national headlines before and after his execution because of his repeated claims of innocence. On January 12, 2006 Virginia Governor Mark Warner announced that recently re-examined DNA evidence had conclusively proved Coleman's guilt.