"That's about all he talked about, he hit on that all night,  about selling magazines and what a good salesman he was.  He said he could sell anything to anyone."

Jeff Braida, about his conversation with Van Dyken the night of the homicide.



Responses to  false and misleading statements made on the Longsoldier-international website.

Van Dyken Long Soldier's "Long Soldier International" website is rife with false, inaccurate and misleading statements,  allegations of prejudice and conspiracy.  He denies any responsibility for his actions and shows no remorse. His claim of self defense is a lie. 

The page on the Longsoldier website titled "My Case" contains numerous false and misleading statements. Response to statements made on Long Soldier's page titled "My Case." 

Longsoldier's website has a link to a page titled "New Evidence."  The page that  the link originally lead to was removed shortly after this response was posted. Response to  Long Soldier's "New Evidence" original version.

A new version of the "New Evidence" page was posted a few weeks after the original page was removed. Response to Long Soldier's "New Evidence" January 2005 version

Van Dyken Longsoldier's supporters have created a petition requesting that his case be reopened and that a new trial be granted. The text of the petition request contains numerous false and misleading statements.  Response to Van Dyken Long Soldier's  petition.

The page titled "Urgent Notice" is a restatement of the claims made on the petition.  Please see the response to the Van Dyken Long Soldier petition above.

The main premise of the Longsoldier-international website is that Longsoldier's conviction and incarceration are a result of his race rather than the crime that he committed. Discussion of Van Dyken Long Soldier's claim of racism. 

Longsoldier has utilized several defense strategies throughout his trials and appeals, none have been successful. Now he is claiming that he shot Deputy Kimery in self-defense, a claim that was not introduced during either trial. There is no evidence to support the claim. Discussion of Van Dyken Long Soldier's claim of self- defense.

Some of the responses may be easier to follow after having viewed the page being responded to.

Please be sure to read the newspaper articles and court opinions, compare them with the information posted on Longsoldier's website before you consider signing his petition or making any donations to his fund. 



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