You cannot have a proud and chivalrous spirit if your conduct is mean and paltry; for whatever a man's actions are, such must be his spirit.

Demosthenes (384 BC - 322 BC), Third Olynthiac 


Van Dyken Long Soldier Now

Fred Van Dyken was convicted of deliberate Homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole to be served in the Montana State Prison . He has since been transferred to the Washington State Reformatory at Monroe Washington.

Van Dyken who now uses the name Van Dyken Long Soldier, has corroborated in the creation of an internet website on which he solicits donations, operates an internet store selling native crafts and jewelry and is gathering signatures on a petition1 requesting that he be granted a new trial. He portrays himself as an innocent victim of circumstance, conspiracy and prejudice, laying blame with everyone involved in the case except himself. 

Van Dyken Longsoldier was able to arrange an interstate compact transfer to the Washington Reformatory Unit in Monroe Washington so that he can take advantage of "Extended Family Visits"2 with his wife.

He has established a Washington State non-profit corporation "The Long Soldier Defense Fund" to shelter donations from taxes and restitution.

His website is rife with erroneous and misleading, statements, omissions of fact and some outright lies that lead some people not familiar with the case to believe that he is not guilty. 

Although these erroneous claims would never survive the scrutiny of a court case, Van Dyken Long Soldier may convince those naive enough to believe  them to contribute to his "defense fund" or to sign his petition. One wonders how many of his supporters would continue their support if  they were aware of the true facts of the case.

Van Dyken was on probation for an auto theft at the time that he stole another car, burglarized a home and stole a handgun along with other items, forged and cashed numerous stolen checks, he bragged to acquaintances that if he was stopped by a cop that he would shoot him, and then shot and killed a deputy sheriff.

The crime that Fred Van Dyken committed robbed two young children of their father, Jo Kimery of her husband and Deputy Kimery of his life.

To this day Van Dyken Long Soldier refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions, shows no remorse and seems totally lacking of any conscience.  He continues to rub salt in the wounds of Deputy Kimery's family and friends by posting blatantly false statements on his website. 

Van Dyken Long Soldier is not and should not be a candidate for parole.



1.) Van Dyken Longsoldier's petition website is at:

 2.) Extended family visits are 48 hour visits by the prisoner's spouse during which the couple are allowed to privately cohabit in a modular home on the prison ground. The spouses are allowed to bring food and have access to a kitchen in the unit. 


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