LongSoldiers Lies Continue

December 6th, 2008

There have been a few new developments in 2008:

Van Dyken Longsoldier was contacted by an anti-adoption advocacy group called Americans For Open Records (AMfor) while they were researching material for their "Adopted Killers" page.

While the Longsoldier-International website has been removed from the internet since July of 2007, one of Longsoldiers supporters has purchased a similar domain name and is in the process of creating another support website.

Also in May of 2008 a French artist named Michele Riekert (a painter) has written a book about Van Dyken Longsoldier. The book is written and published in French and is titled "Une Balle Perdue" which translates to "A Stray Bullet." 

The author states that she and Van Dyken Longsoldier corresponded over a period of time and tells a story based on the contents of Van Dyken Longsoldier's letters.

The incident as described in the book is contradicted by evidence introduced at trial, by witness testimony of those who heard the gunfire and Van Dyken's sworn testimony during the trial.  

The book also portrays Van Dyken's adopted father as being abusive. This would seem to contradict statements made previously by a Van Dyken Longsoldier representative to the webmaster of this site  that "He took his birth mother's name as a surname after being reunited with her - it was not just a whim to change his name - the Van Dyken was kept as his first name out of respect and love for his adoptive parents."

Even as an adult  Dyken  worked for his father doing odd jobs while he was otherwise unemployed according to news reports of the crime and trials.

Van Dyken Longsoldier  has now apparently added his adopted father to the list of  excuses 'of why the homicide he committed is not his fault.'  

Multiple attempts to contact the book's author have produced no response.

I will post a response to the book after I am able to review a more refined translation of it's contents.